Saab LED Repair

Original DIY repair kits by Aaron Glafenhein. Each kit comes with complete instructions and all necessary materials for one car or a pair of two taillights. Free shipping within the US.

Installation of these kits requires moderate to advanced skill level.

Kit Price
9-5 3rd Brake Light Kit Also referred to as the Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL or HMSL). Requires removing the circuit board from the housing. Time: 1hr $149.99
9-5 Tail Light LED Conversion Kit For two taillights. Includes LED brake light bulbs, load resistors, and instructions. Requires splicing wiring harness and installing resistors in trunk. Will not work if your taillight housing is already melted, test first with a new socket. Instructions found here. Time: 30mins $94.99
9-5 Light Bar Repair Kit Includes new circuit boards, LEDs, and instructions. Requires cutting into light assembly and installing new circuit boards. Time: 4hrs $134.99
9-5 Headlight Mod Kit For two headlights. Add Aero-style accent LEDs to headlights. Requires cutting into light assembly. Instructions found here. Time: 3hrs $274.99
9-5 Light Bar Gasket Kit Replacement seals are made to order from the same neoprene foam material as the originals. Contact us for more information
9-5 Tail Lights Gasket Kit This kit replaces the foam rubber seals for the taillight with a double lip seal profile made using additive manufacturing methods. These seals are made from flexible TPU filaments. Actual seals will be black. $31.99